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Being raised in both the Northeast corner of Vermont and one of the larger cities in Massachusetts has given Dawn, a divorced mother of three, the unique ability to mix the spookiness of a small town ghost story with the fast pace action of city life. 

Island Pond, Vermont was every child's wonderland, with looming mountains and small towns nestled in the valleys, its simple lifestyle gave Ms. Gray the ability to let her imagination run wild, thus creating her unique style of writing, where the stories speak for themselves.

Big city living, in her teenage years to the present allowed her to harvest that energy and creativeness to bring to life some of the most unique characters, such as Michael Raven and Julian Deveraux.

Although Vampires are her most used basis for characters and settings, Ms. Gray's novels also venture into those of other supernatural realms, with ghosts, witchcraft and werewolves coming into play in several of her upcoming manuscripts.

Look for future novels, the next five of the Vampire Legacy, and an upcoming film on Raven to put this determined mom into the spotlight.

Fire Storm

When Samantha Ricketts finds herself placed in a town half-way across the country, her only worry is how did she get there, but when her life is saved by a handsome and mysterious man, the connection they feel is almost more than she can stand.

Zander Smith was only acting on his instincts and training when he moved the dark-haired woman to safety but what he got from his heroics wasn't the distressed woman he had thought he was helping but a fireball of fury that sparked a storm within himself.

Together they tap into the supernatural to uncover the mysteries surrounding the strange town they were slowly growing fond of before they became part of its history.

The Vampire Legacy Series by Dawn Gray

Prophecies told from a long ago time has started to come to pass and the Deveraux clan will never be the same. With the coming of the signs, a New Queen shall rise. The Light and the dark brings life to the heart. Familiar souls will venture forth and the legend of the Kingdom of the Nine shall be told. What once was one brings about the Prophecy’s end and a new beginning starts to mend. Welcome to the Legacy, the adventure begin.


Ariana Breckham had always known her life was a little odd.  Haunted by bloody secrets from her past, and frustrated by missing pieces of her childhood, Ariana is content to stick to a select group of friends and avoid crowds at all costs.  When Ariana’s best friend, Leanne, asks for help, she finds herself investigating the mysterious Michael Raven, owner of the town’s newest hotspot, the Ravenloft.  Ariana is about to find out just how much stranger life can get. Bombarded with images and memories of his past, can she save herself from falling for the handsome stranger in order to save her present?

His life's quest had always been to reunite with his soulmate and to break the curse he had endured for 200 years, but all that changed the moment she stepped into his life.  Torn between an undeniable need to possess her, and finding his lost love, Michael Raven embarks on a fight to not only save himself but to keep Ariana Breckham out of the clutches of a power stronger than he ever imagined. 

Will his heart be strong enough to withstand losing Ariana no matter what the outcome, be it by death, or duty to his soulmate?

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